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Major Project: I have a plan!

I’m off to Copenhagen for a week on Monday for a break before I crack on with my major project final piece.

I wanted to get everything decided upon before I left, including the box which I will contain all the illustrated cards in. I ordered these from The Wooden Box Mill however when they arrived I felt as though they’d be too big and bulky for the prints. I want the packs of prints to be much more compact and look hand made so I ordered some A5 ‘Brown Vintage Card Boxes’ from ebay which I think will work much better. My plans is to make the packaging look like a vintage parcel. I ordered a ‘Daff Illustration’ stamp from Vista Print and have loads of postage stamps from the 1950’s. I may make a belly band or label for the box to give details of what’s inside the box and include the RSPB in aid of logo.

When I get back from holiday I will be concentrating on the illustrations for ‘True Story’ – 10 watercolour and ink pieces for an exhibition at Mettricks Woolston Waterside starting on 31st July 2017 for 6-8 weeks and then moving to Mettricks Guildhall for 6-8 weeks. I will use a similar method to creating work for the ‘Summer of Love’ exhibition: order frames, prep paper and news clippings, design compositions and then make a start on each piece. I’ll have over a month to get everything done which should be plenty of time. I will getting the little limited edition boxes of prints ready for the exhibitions too.

I also like the idea of string tie envelopes which could have something printed on the front or a belly band. My decision between envelopes or boxes rests on whether or not I have time to include anything else with the prints of ‘True Story’, like a bird spotter and stickers etc.