#8 QofR: Lecture Notes ‘Research Methods’ – Simone Gumtau

Research Methods – Simone Gumtau

  • Interface design, Interactive, Users.
  • Rational
  • Co-design workshop
  • Collaborative design

Researching Experience:

  • Observation
  • Interviews, Surveys
  • Co-design
  • Story telling
  • Prototype/ Testing
  • Speculative Design

Sensorial / Affective Turn

  • We all operate differently, emotive, not machines, empathetic

Blame the designer if something doesn’t work.

Nathan Shedroff, 2001 – Experience Design – Advertising, smells, sight, sound cues.

Concerned with the human experience, hopes, fears, aspirations, tastes, pleasurable, emotional connection.

Experiential Aesthetics – Pat Jordan

Designing pleasurable products

We look for pleasure and fun rather than performing tasks.

People Characteristics:

  • Physio pleasure – sensory/sensual, body, touch, taste, smell
  • Social pleasure – the enjoyment of a persons relationship with others and society.
  • Psycho pleasure – cognitive and emotional states, capabilities and traits, ease of use.
  • Ideo pleasure – peoples values, tastes, morals, beliefs and aspirations.

Researching People

  • Desirable / Undesirable
  • Participation / Don’t really want to do it so gives you irrelevant answers or no answers at all.
  • Rich description / No information
  • Focused, relevant / Irrelevant information
  • Independent, bias free / Skewed results, influenced, gives you what they think you want to hear.
  • Honest / Rationalised
  • Noise free, accurate, clear / Vague, off topic
  • Representative / Individual opinion
  • Easy on time and effort for participants / Demanding on time and effort for investigation for participants.

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