#9 QofR: Lecture Notes ‘Research Methods’ from Michele-Anne Dauppe


  • Methodology
  • Fieldwork key – first hand
  • Developed by anthropologists to study a society, culture or group.
  • Observation or Integration into a society.
  • Methods from practice – reflective methods: sketchbooks, journals
  • Participant observation, observer participates in every day life of people being studied.
  • Everything can be significant.
  • Endangered cultures, story telling, inspires change
  • Qualitative – in depth, rich responses – asking why
  • Use an ethnographic model to study the specifics

Humphrey Spender:

  • Ethnographic research
  • Question of Research
  • Counter culture – photography

How was the subject matter directed?

  • – Invisible Spy, trying not to be embarrassed, coping with his on reactions
  • – ‘Someone from another planet.’

Visual Ethnography – use of video and photography

Lister Et Al (2009) Actual Words

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