Major Project Notes: Rambling Reflections

During my major project I want to continue developing my work with watercolours and textiles, experimenting with colour, mark making and composition in order to create work that has an element of magic: fresh, vivid and engaging!

Over the past two months I have challenged myself by completing two month long daily drawing/creative projects. Making something everyday has certainly improved by drawing and painting skills considerably and I feel as though I am on track to developing a recognizable and distinctive style using ink, watercolours and textiles. I have been able to free the creative and childlike part of me that finds pure joy in the process, not worrying about failing or what others may think.

I would love to produce a body of work that celebrates nature and its effects on well being and creativity. A few of the Unblock projects in ‘Creative Block’ by Danielle Krysa suggests similar ideas about getting outside, taking a walk around the block and finding new and interesting places to draw. This engages with the part of us that we are more ready to satisfy when we are children: spending all day outside in the garden making up adventure stories, in the woods building dens or on the beach making sand castles. Our creativity and imagination is always there, it never goes away, but instead is clouded by the resistance and fear over years like plague on our teeth and it takes a lot of effort to chip away at it.

I want my work to inspire those that see it to get outside, leave their desks and screens and appreciate the wonders of nature that we so easily pay no attention to and take for granted.

I want to bring a sense of awe and magic to the seemingly mundane. This relates to the ‘Creative Unblock Project No. 09’ by Matthias Heiderich from ‘Creative Block’

“Sometimes the reason for a creative block is not being able to stay focused on one thing, your brain feels like a big knot, and you only think of your kitchen that needs a cleaning, etc. It makes sense to stop working then, and re-sharpen the senses. Trying to see the banal objects around you in a new light can be a good brain boost. What’s more obvious that exploring the neighbourhood, the houses, the balconies, the sidewalks, the shop windows, the gardens on your block, instead of being locked up in your studio?”

I want to reveal the hidden gems that surround us in our gardens, parks, forests, beaches that are so easily in reach but that most people don’t acknowledge or know about.

And for those people who can’t access these places I hope that my work will bring happiness and well being and inspire them to perhaps makes steps to encourage wildlife to their own homes like bird feeders, window boxes with wildflowers etc.

My Nan is 93 years old and even though she can’t get out easily she loved to watch the wildlife in her garden and can recognise so many different types of birds. There are also squirrels, hedgehogs, foxes and rabbits. Although she’s not fond of the squirrels!

I would also like to run workshops alongside producing my won artwork so that I can continue to inspire people to be creative and try a range of techniques: painting, drawing, printmaking etc.

The illustrations I produce based on British Wildlife could then be made into prints, fabric and wallpaper designs and small scale publications as well as illustrated journeys to these ‘hidden gems’ in Southampton like Netley Abbey for example.

I want to explore the use of typography further. Words can be so powerful alongside illustrations and so I feel this is something I could certainly develop further.

I have enjoyed combining materials and technique like printing onto fabric, painting and sewing. I’ve not used a lot of watercolours before, however, the Creative Block projects over the last month have inspired me to push the boundaries of this medium in order to achieve depth and a vivid and wide range of colours.

I’d be interested to experiment with 3D work more – perhaps translating my drawing into sculpture of 3D fabric work.

I have also been exploring hand drawn animation for some professional work I’m doing at the moment and so could experiment with bringing this into my own practice too.

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Inspired by the BBC/David Attenborough wildlife documentaries like ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Frozen Planet’ because they look at things so closely from the tiniest insect to an enormous mammal. Things that most people would miss. I want to shine a light on the creatures that we don’t pay enough attention to and if we did perhaps we’d be more considerate when it comes to habitat destruction, manicured gardens etc.

This related to the research I did about Georgia O’Keefe for my Pechakucha – looking at flowers, plants and skulls in so much detail that they become more abstract, focusing on colour and form.

Identify Textual Research:

Wonders of Life – Brian Cox

Danielle Krysa’s book

David Attenborough Books

History of British Wildlife

I plan to do much more gardening next year so perhaps this could form some material like the little artist’s book Jackie showed me. Documenting the wildlife I find and ways I encourage it into the garden. My studio is situated in the garden – some of my work could be creating murals within this space.

I would like to maintain the good habits that I’ve learned from ‘Inktober‘ and ‘Blockvember’ – getting into a good routine in my studio of making something everyday no matter what – no excuses. I’d like to keep an experimental approach to my work, producing art in a variety of mediums and materials. This could include working on murals in the studio or garden.



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