Major Project: Roe Deer Stag Drawings

After unleashing my dip pen and ink at a cafe in Portsmouth train station (top) I came home and drew this Roe Deer Stag (bottom), based upon an image from the British Deer Society website. These aren’t quite the diamond encrusted antlers from the description in a previous blog post but I had an overwhelming urge to draw this deer. I think he looks like a little prince decorated with the colours and patterns of a woodland summer. I’d love to draw more of the wild life from the Westwood Local Nature Reserve in this style.

A Roe Deer Prince with his loyal Robin who sings to him every morning…

Images from top to bottom: pen and ink sketch of antlers and branches, colour pencil and pen drawing of stag + the same image with the robin on his back (created in photoshop), final watercolour and ink painting of the Roe Deer Prince with his Robin.


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