#22 QofR: Creative Block Workshop at The Art House 7/12/16

On Wednesday evening I hosted another ‘Creative Block’ workshop at The Art House Cafe. It was a smaller group than last time but made for a very relaxed and informal session and the group took more time to finish one piece rather than rush through too many exercises. The first step was to make blind contour drawings (drawing without looking at the paper) of items from our bags, pockets or objects from the café, chose our favourite ones, cut them out and used them to create a collage.

To see photographs of all the artwork from this class click here!

The feedback from the group was that they enjoyed the workshop and it was very relaxing and theraputic. Making blind contour drawings means you have little or no control over the end result until you look at the paper and start to add colour. The simplicity of line is very effective and often creates drawings with a lot of character, emphasising the most distinctive qualities of that object.


One participant had overlapped her contour drawings of a frog ornament, chess piece and key, so decided not to make a collage as the composition worked so well already.


This person made contour drawings of objects that were personal to him and then used ink to write ‘Beauty comes in many forms’. He got frustrated that this element wasn’t working the way he’d intended so ripped the pieces of paper up. I suggested that he used these to make another collage rather than worrying about getting it perfect – I think this worked well and he was very happy with the result.

The group then gave each other 'Christmas Drawing Lists' for a bit of inspiration if they'd like to continue over the holidays!

The group then gave each other ‘Christmas Drawing Lists’ for a bit of inspiration if they’d like to continue over the holidays!

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