Major Project Ideas: Wildlife Organisations

I am drawn more towards how nature can help to improve wellbeing, health and creativity  for adults as there are already schemes that do this for children. It would be interesting to research into how many hours the average adults spends looking at their screen instead of going outdoors, drawing, painting, cooking, sewing etc.

I’d like to encourage adults to be more creative through workshops with a focus on nature. Nature and creativity work hand in hand. Getting outdoors can inspire you to be creative and is essential to wellbeing – if you feel happy then you are more like to be creative.

Within my own practice I would like to document my experience of British wildlife as a celebration of nature and then engage others directly through creative workshops.

If I were to focus on British wildlife that can be found nearby, in gardens, parks, beaches and forests, this opens up opportunities to put my illustrations into context by speaking to wildlife organizations like:

British Wildlife Magazine:

The Wildlife Trust – Hampshire and IOW Wildlife Trust:

“The Wildlife Trusts, children, nature and John Lewis

(Celebrating our Wildlife –

The Wildlife Trusts have been helping children to enjoy and learn about nature for more than 50 years – that’s why we are thrilled to be this year’s charity partner for John Lewis’ Christmas ad, which features UK wildlife.

The Wildlife Trusts believe passionately that nature is essential to children’s wellbeing

Evidence has been growing for several years pointing to the array of health and social benefits to be derived from contact with the natural world for all ages. We know that first-hand contact with nature is good for children – it makes them happier, healthier and more creative; for some it can have a life-changing impact.

As part of our work to ensure that more children have an opportunity to enjoy regular contact with nature, The Wildlife Trusts aim to use the funds donated by John Lewis to work within schools, including funding wildlife packs for schools, containing activity booklets, and ‘wildlife’ resources for teachers to use in lessons.”

The twite aren’t alright – Article

Mural by Matt Sewell

I would like to do murals in my garden and studio!


“Winter wildlife can warm the heart but nature needs our help to survive. Join the RSPB & give nature a home.”


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