Major Project: Picture Books, Animation and Experience

On Tuesday 7th February Joel Lardner and Paul Roberts visited the University to talk about their project ‘Queen of Spades’; a animation, virtual reality, game experience based on a picture book by Lardner. I’m drawn to the idea of offering a new way of experiencing the picture book to the audience.


Picture Books

Emily Rand ‘In The Garden’ – “I like to create picture books inspired by my surroundings and I take pleasure in noticing the tiny details in daily life. I am interested in playing with the format of the book, creating unusual and experimental artists publications.”


Interaction and participation – meaning is formed from our memory. How we have interacted with books as children. A story telling device. Moving away from a sense of reality.

Metaphor – new ways of seeing things

Creating a space where the audience can experience something new: fairy tale, uncanny valley, style, visual symbolism, idiosyncratic, rekindle the passion for exploration and experimentation.

Boxes, mechanism, ‘toyness’.

Mood, atmosphere: the story is the catalyst

‘Creating imaginary worlds and inviting people to try them.’ – Brian Eno

Look/Book Report – Blog


Here are thoughts about a picture book based on my relationship with nature, contained in a box. Inspired by the box that my Dad kept wild bird’s eggs in when he was a young boy and that fascinated me as a child. These eggs were found in the same place that I am basing my project on – The Westwood. I could create a limited edition set of smaller boxes that contain a picture book that not only showcases my skills as a multidisciplinary artist but also my relationship with nature. This book would represent how my father’s relationship with nature has inspired my own and bring to life the birds which would have hatched from these eggs. I could think about including a narrative too.

The box as a metaphor, a new way of seeing things, a story telling device, a space where the audience can experience something new.

This contents of this box represents the variety of species within the woods but also the life that could have been. My artistic response will hopefully breath new life into these animals in the only way possible – imagination. I could also animate the birds, giving the audience a new experience – unique and totally different to just looking at images of my work or the box. This would allow a wider audience the chance to see my project online through social media platforms. This could be a medium through which to promote my workshops. Each page of the picture book using a different technique/material.


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