‘Cell-Division Evolution, how have we come to be?’: Exhibition at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth

The Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth are exhibiting some of my work as part of this season’s craft exhibition which asks…Does Making Things Make Us Human? It opens this Saturday (15th September) and closes on the 16th October. Go and take a look around!

“Tessa Metcalfe, Caroline Misselbrook, Mel Grant, Carrie Dickens, Sherry Doyal: This exhibition continues to explore the question aspex is asking- Does Making Things Make Us Human? Cell-Division is a showcase of contemporary fine-craft and design. Evolution, how have we come to be? The artist featured in this exhibition all respond to specific parts of the evolutionary chain, often through observations of texture and aesthetic. The artists involved have created work that reflects a plethora of different forms of life, as well as looking at the building blocks behind what makes up life, the world and everything.”


For more photographs of the exhibition click here

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